The Wharf is host to a wide variety of events. Keep an eye on this page to stay up to date on the latest happenings around Crosslake!

June 11: Jim Anderson 2pm-5pm
June 13:
 From the Heart 2pm-5pm
July 3: Geoff Elvee 5pm-8pm
July 4: Ryan Kemp 4pm-6pm
July 11:
 From the Heart 2pm-5pm
July 30: Geoff Elvee 5pm-8pm
August 1: Red Dot Garage 
August 15
: Jim Anderson  2pm-5pm
August 21: Mike Derus 12pm-3pm

August 29: From the Heart 2pm-5pm
September 4: Geoff Elvee 5pm-8